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which Ornithogalum is this? planted them 10 yrs ago and this is the first year they have flowered.
the first photo is slightly out of focus [sorry self focusing camera!] but you can see the flower spike.
the second is just a single flower.

thanks in anticipation.

On plant Ornithogalum

8.5.11_019 8.5.11_020



I'd say O. nutans

7 May, 2011


thanks bamboo, the bulbs were a present from one of my girls when they were smal, back in the days when I didnt keep packet labels.

are these also known as star of Bethlehem?

7 May, 2011


Correct, Sbg, I would say O. nutans aka Star of Bethlehem.

7 May, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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