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I have a Viburnum that has been established a couple of years, it has already flowered and now the leaves are wilting, i wondered if it had been recent dry conditions, although i have watered it regularly just because it wasnt looking very happy and i have recently given it a covering of fish blood and bone, wonder if its being attacked by something? would appreciate anyones incite.



Most likely drought - when you say you've been watering regularly, precisely how much and how often and in what matter have you watered it?
If there's no sign of holes in leaves or anything else, leave the hose running on a trickle at the base of the plant for at least an hour.

8 May, 2011


I agree as water worked for mine I left a slow hose under mine.

8 May, 2011


Thanks I will try that as i would be upset to lose it, i have been watering it thorughly by hose daily but maybe it needs more. will update you all with its progress or demise lol.

9 May, 2011


Upsydaisy, if you find leaving the hose trickling as suggested works and the plant looks better, can I suggest you read my blog on Watering - find it by clicking on my avatar, then selecting blogs on my page - its not very long to read.

9 May, 2011


Hi Bamboo, have read your watering blog and it was very helpful, is so nice having access to the knowledge of more experienced gardeners.

11 May, 2011

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