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Winter Protection help. Hello. My tree is not doing well so my mate said let's swap trees if I can have a Hazel you have been growing. So next Saturday I get his full leaf healthy terrace ruby nectarine. I have got the perfect place a south facing garage which gets lots of sun. He is going to try and get it into leaf. Anyway, just wanted to know if my winter protection plan is a good one. I plan to put two layers of bubble wrap around the pot and a frost fleece over the tree. Is this ok? And how many degrees warmer is it under a frost fleece and how protected is the tree under it? Thanks.



bubble wrap is ok but it cant breath and you can get condensation and rot inside it sometimes . its great for protecting pots thow . i would use straw and frost fleece myself as i do already .

8 May, 2011


Pass, can't be that specific Boardergardener - buy the thicker fleece is my advice, or use 2 layers when the time comes. Remember to remove it during milder spells in the winter though.

8 May, 2011


Thanks. Seems plan is ok after all as I only plan to but the bubble wrap around Benoit not the tree and a fleece over the tree. So hopefully it should be all right.

8 May, 2011


it should be fine .

8 May, 2011

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