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hi every one,i have just bought a salix caprea pendula, it is in a pot,but have noticed that the leaves are starting to curl and dry up,even though i have kept it well watered in this hot weather ,could it possibly be too much sun ? should it be in the shade ? it ihas been in the sun.many thanks for any help



when you say it's in a pot, is that the pot you bought it in? Does it need potting into a larger container? Check the roots to see if they're cramped. Otherwise, keep an eye on those leaves - this could be the first sign of rust infection, which is common these plants - treatable with a fungicide spray.

9 May, 2011


yes it is in the pot i bought it in,i will check the roots,and the leaves for rust like you said,many thamks for your reply

9 May, 2011


rust infection will look like orange dust, spray at the first hint of its beginning - and yes, a bigger pot would be good.

9 May, 2011


o.k will repot to a bigger pot and keep an eye out for rust,thankyou.

10 May, 2011

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