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Garden Tools - I am looking to invest in some garden power tools.
Please advise whether the Stihl kombi km 90/100/130 (Commercial range) are good and would you recommend going for this combi-tool or just buying a separate strimmer, pole hedge trimmer and long reach chain saw.

I am unsure whether the kombi system is as tough as the tools bought as separate units and whether it works out as a better choice in terms of cost and longevity?



I have no experience of the Stihl kombi but have generally found that tools made for a specific purpose are much better than a combination tool - one size fits all, but not very well.

9 May, 2011


I use them and would recomend them, julien.

9 May, 2011


Thanks bulbaholic, i understand where your coming from as i share your view, but a couple of people(all be it one was a guy working in the shop!) have sworn by them and how good they are. I wonder if they have advanced the technology to actually get that 'one size to fit all'

Julien do you know what model you used? And did you use many of the attachments? I only work on a few gardens at the moment but i hope to get more work soon so will probably be using it regularily....did you/have you used it regularily?

9 May, 2011


I'm a professional gardener. I cannot comment on whether the stihl combi is any good as I've not used it but if you're going to be doing alot of gasrdens you might find it a pain having to swap attachments all the time.

Unless the swap process is extraordinarily quick and slick I think I'd go for separate tools.

Another point to bear in mind...If the engine on the combi tool fails you'll be without all your tools. If you have 3 or more seperate tools if one fails you'll still be able to do some work with the ones that are working.

9 May, 2011


I was a prof gardener for 10 years. I bought the stihl Kombi range just after I started. The model I got was a KM 90. I have the strimmer, brush cutter, hedge trimmer with the adjustable angle and lawn edger. The strimmer was fine, but I bought a different attachment from a company called garden innovations (years ago), it allows me to put 6 lengths of cable in, so if I want I can mulch as well as strim. The 'D' handle is comfortable to use. I personally couldn't get on with the harness, but when Hubbs or son use it they attach the harness for strimming / brushcutting. I am still using most of the attachments. I did find the edger was not brilliant and ended up using the strimmer for edging. I still using the stihl on a regular basis, but no where near as much as I used to. I chose the Kombi system, as I carried all my tools in my landy, and the mower took up quite a lot of room and it was easier to have one motor and a few attachments, rather than all those different tools. The attachments were changed very easily, just the loosening off of a bolt. I would highly recommend the stihl combi system. I used it between 15 - 30 hrs a week, depending on the jobs I had, But I must admit it was mainly strimming or hedgecutting.

10 May, 2011


Hello yes mine is the same system as 2ndhand, and anchorman does have a point there, if your on a job and the engine were to fail, then straioght away its a big problem, lost time and money etc, i always make sure i have a back up for whatever job i am doing in that day, julien.

10 May, 2011

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