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hello, I have planted tumbling ted (saponaria ocymoides) this spring.How long does it last and what is the way to look after it and keep it looking good, any suggestions would be welcome.



I had some of this. It lasted about 4/5 years. It likes well drained position in sun or part shade, very useful as a plant at the edge of a wall, as it 'tumbles' over beautifully. Didn't really do anything special, just tidied it up after flowering each year. I would like another but havn't seen any in my local garden centres.....will have to come to Wales to find one!! :)

9 May, 2011


The poorer the soil the better with lots of drainage. I planted some 12-13 years ago Pink and later the white one and it gets better and better. I have posted a photo recently). It flowers April/May and lasts for about 4-6 weeks then I give it a light hair cut and it reflowers in July/August but then its not so spectacular. It is usually sold in the rockery section of garden centres Pam I could send you some if you cannot get it.

9 May, 2011


We sell it up in Northumberland Pam :)

9 May, 2011


Thanks, I may take you up on that!

9 May, 2011



9 May, 2011

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