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Can they be grown in container's, can you plant them in September. If so can you recommend three one early one middle and one late flowering one please. Thank's

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Lot of queries in one there, Mavis, lol! I assume you're asking about Clematis, as you asked this from the clematis page. If you want to grow in pots, the pots need to be 2 feet deep and 12 inches wide, and only one plant in each, and you need to choose smaller varieties of clematis. Any preference on colour of flowers? And why do you need to plant in September and not now?

10 May, 2011


Hi Bamboo yes it was about Clematis (it was late and I have got a bad leg hence the muddle). I have a long border and have my favourite hardy geraniums there and I am looking for something to put behind them, I have tried various planter,s but they dont work as the geraniums smother them.As the geraniums are in flower now it would have to be later in the year,the reason for the pot,s is my next door neighbour might get to near with the weedkiller.I love purple and blue thank's :-)

10 May, 2011


Ah, now I vaguely remember your mentioning this last year, the business of the neighbour and weedkiller. First, let me ask were you planting the clematis in the same pot as the geraniums? Only it occurs to me that, if you had the clematis in its own pot behind the geraniums, and the pot was 2 feet deep, there'd be no reason why you wouldn't see the clematis climbing up out of its tub, would there? Or am I missing something?

11 May, 2011


Bamboo......You have got it in one, the geraniums are in the soil and well established,so I can plant clematis in a pot behind them ,the other plant's I tried were tall perennials thank's again :-)

11 May, 2011


Little list for you then: Spring flowering ones: H. F. Young, Alice Fisk, Beauty of Worcester, Lasurstern, Louise Rowe. Late spring and summer ones: General Sikorski, Lady Northcliffe, The President, W.E. Gladstone, Xerxes. Summer and Autumn: Perle D'Azur, Etoile Violette, and if you want a different colour (all the ones mentioned are blues and purples), Comtesse de Bouchaud, Rouge Cardinal, Hagley Hybrid - this one's good in shadier spots. None of these mentioned should get more than 12 feet, and some are smaller than that.

11 May, 2011


I will look out for these, the one's I have seen in my gardening book look lovely. I will get the pots and compost and then when the Geranium's have died back I will put them in their space all ready for next year :-))

11 May, 2011

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