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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Sorry folks to seem so dim! but on my page it has the box Garden, when I open it it says "has added no reminders" No plants added to this garden yet. Really I have tried with no success. How do I list my plants with a photograph, as I see this a much more successfull way of keeping a record than leafing over the pages of my old not books!



OK - look at the list on the right of your page and one of the links says 'Add plants'. Click on that, and you will be led through the process. Once the plant is 'successfully added' you get the option of adding a photo from your own files. This is when you get to describe it and give it a title so everyone can see it and know what it is!

Continue the process and add as many as you want to! They appear in the 'garden' section on your page in alphabetical order and you then add reminders about pruning times etc.

Good luck!

23 Oct, 2008


Thanks Spitzhenry I have got it now, you always seem to be coming to my rescue. I think I am being blinded by my new found enthusiasm!!

23 Oct, 2008


You are very welcome, Telme, any time! I am going to take a look and see how many you've added so far...

23 Oct, 2008


I am going to systematically start with my collection of Roses, then move on, probably take me all the winter" ah well something to do with the long dark nights, better than the T.V. I will leave some of the photographs untill next season and try and get some quality pics. It is great that they are in Alphabetical order, that is why I am putting the word Rose first to get them all together, I hope I have got the hang of it. Thanks again

23 Oct, 2008

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