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Seed advice.
Any advice for keeping my seedlings alive! Various flower seeds i dried myself, so far salvia splendens, sweet pea, carnations, yellow cosmos and a couple of unknown wild local flowers have sprouted! Im so happy but worried! Avg. temp here in Rio during May is Max - 27°C / 81°F Min - 21°C / 70°F.
I am wondering if i should leave them in full sun late in the afternoon (its very mild compared to the summer) and if watering just once - from below at night is sufficient? Also should i cover at night?
Any specific tips on watering, light, sun, temperature etc. would be greatly appreciated as i they are my first and v precious to me!!
Many thanks and good gardening

ps. Also, i was told to feed seedlings after 6 weeks - does this count for all types? How is 10-10-10? Perhaps too potent? THANKS again




The Salvia and Cosmos will like the heat, and could be gradually accustomed to the sun. Note that Salvia splendens is one of the few flowers that will bloom in both full sun and bright complete shade. The Sweet Pea and Carnation will be happier with afternoon shade, but you will need to watch out for powdery mildew. With those temperatures, I would water twice a day, until the roots are more developed, but your humidity may make that unecessary. Covering shouldn't be necessary unless the night temps go below 8º C--and even colder than that probably won't phase Sweet Peas.

11 May, 2011

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