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My son has produced a fab Forest Flame(Pieris) and I want to propigate from it, HOW????????????????



the best way would to be take 3-4inch cuttings and then dip the ends in rooting hormone and then put in separate pots. it works for most types of plants. and water with weak chamomile tea to keep away fungus growth.

11 May, 2011


I have tried this a couple of times in the past and failed as they go dark brown and die. I have heard grafting is the only way, but I doubt this.

11 May, 2011


Chamomile tea??? Wow, I'll remember that one - thanks!

11 May, 2011


I think the trick is to take them when the first stage of growth is over, about June/July in most cases. That what has worked for me, using a polythene cover over the trays. Never used Chamomile tea, though.

12 May, 2011


chamomile tea is great the plant still gets the needed water and the chamomile its basically a anti-fungi, very useful when you need humidity to grow :)

12 May, 2011


Why don't you just buy one? They are very common in the GCs and you won't have to wait for it to grow :)

12 May, 2011


I think buying plants is for wimps (for some people). I used to root lots of stuff but am too lazy now.

13 May, 2011


it is more rewarding knowing you have grown a plant from seeds cuttings and got a fantastic result with your own efforts.

13 May, 2011


True, but when you get old you feel there won't be time for you to see it get big enough - very frustrating.

14 May, 2011


true, and sometimes i can be impatient if it's a plant i really want this year.

15 May, 2011

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