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I came across this plant near a bran new building on ground that had been dug up, relaid but left wild.




Sorry definition between plan and grass not good enough but I suspect a weed

11 May, 2011


Looks like a type of euphorbia, julien.

11 May, 2011


I agree, some sort of Euphorbia.

11 May, 2011


It's Gopher Spurge (Euphorbia lathyris)

12 May, 2011


Maybe Euphorbia lathyris (Mole spurge). Not common but sometimes in seed mixes.

12 May, 2011


Hi there,

I have them self seeded in my garden, they grow tall, and in the summer sun when the seed pods are ripe you can hear them pop and the seeds fly out.

Happy gardening.

12 May, 2011

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