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I want to divide my peony


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Is it 2 late 2 split this paeny into 2plants?Did it last year 2 the 1 inherited in my garden&it was ok itd looked great in flower,So i brought this 1&would like 2 do same?

On plant Peonia




This would be the ideal time to divide your paeony. They don't like it much and may sulk for a while though.
Take it out of the pot then cut down between the most vigorous growths using a long blunt knife (I use an old dinner knife) or your spade edge. Trim up each division using a sharp knife taking out any old or damaged growth then plant to same depth as they were in the pot. Carefully spread out the roots in the hole firm in well and water.
Good luck

27 Feb, 2008


oh and jac, don't be surprized if they don't flower the first year, aparently this is quite common! i divided mine last year and they did'nt flower so i looked it up, they look like they are coming up lovely this year, so hopefully should get some flowers!

27 Feb, 2008


Thanx Ang i think id read that some where2 that they dont like2be played with.But think how many il have in flower when they are settled&happy,I think thats what you call SULKING ? :)

27 Feb, 2008


And another thing - don't plant them too deeply. This is the biggest cause of paeonies not flowering. I also found out the best time to move them is early winter, just after they have gone dormant, as they start into growth very early in the season. Mid November last year, I moved nine of them and they are all shooting quite nicely just now; it remains to be seen how long they take to settle down and flower again

27 Feb, 2008


Spilt them&planted them into two pots :)& the shoots are still growing stronge so fingers crossed they might not of noticed the Chop idid with my old Kitchen Knife ;)

29 Feb, 2008

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