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My Brilliantissimum tree has developed pink growths on the underside of all its leaves. What is it ans can I iradicate it?
Phot shows both sides of leaves.




If the pink growths are hairy, its mostly likely Acer Gall Mite - doesn't kill the tree, and there's no treatment available, but you can pick off badly affected leaves.

13 May, 2011


Thanks Bamboo I've put Acer Gall Mite into google and it doesn't look like that. It is more of an all over covering that only appears on the underside. Any more suggestions?

13 May, 2011


Acer Gall Mite sometimes appears as black speckling all over the top of the leaf, and sometimes as either greyish black or pinkish red growths which, when looked at with a magnifying glass, are composed of furry/hairy strands. You picture isn't detailed enough to see closely - nothing else springs to mind.

13 May, 2011

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