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Ive just bought an Acer Negundo 'Kellys Gold' Tree, which is about 8-9ft high, having planted it in, watering and doing everything as instructed, the last week Ive noticed the leaves are wilting, the new growth is crisping and some of the leaves are falling off. The soil is good and its been in the ground for around 2 and half weeks now. Its in the sun for around 6-7 hours a day. Have you any ideas why its feeling sorry for its self and what can I do to improve the situation.



Your Acer needs to be in part shade you have it in full sun. You need to seriously water to get it bedded in... in otherwise every day for several hours a day on a trickle hose. Oh and unless you have soil that is acidic to neutral your rhodo is not going to be grow well.

14 May, 2011


Thanks for your help, I will look at those problems you brought up :)

14 May, 2011


You're welcome... my memory of Essex soil is that it is clay - not something an acer will like but the big problem is the full sun. Oh and if it is in a windy spot it will really, really not be happy.

15 May, 2011

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