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is my 'bottle brush' dead? I have 2 of them and I'm sure they are usually 'out' or at least doing something by now...they are dry and have no colour in them as yet. BOO :-(



The cold weather down here killed one of ours, you need a very sheltered spot up in your area, it only takes one or two very hard frosts to kill them. Best of luck with a new one.

15 May, 2011


I agree with Doctorbob1's diagnosis. I lost mine the winter before last - I reckon it got frozen. As you say, BOO! :-(

15 May, 2011


Looks like my bottle brush is resurrected!

22 Jul, 2012


They are resurrected! Both my bottle brushes have made appearances this summer. Woohoo!

24 Aug, 2013

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