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Bay Tree - is this wooly aphid

I have a huge bay tree, and asked this question last year. Washed it off last year with a brush and soapy water as advised by GoY members. it worked, but seems to have come back this year.

Last year the pictures just showed white 'fluffy' stuff, this year the white fluffy stuff has a sort of case on top of it.

Can you identify it for me. I have just scrubbed it with a brush and soapy water again and the tree is bigger than 2 meters, so I have struggled. (another site says not to use soapy water on bays I have just read?). Its not on the leaves, just on the bark.
Thanks all...

Img_1241 Img_1240



Scale insect alright, there's a large amount of it about this year, it's everywhere. Scrub off if you can bear to, and its' alright to use soapy water, though best with horticultural soap or eco friendly washing up liquid - the advice about soapy water and bays is to prevent people from using it as a spray on the leaves for aphids, so the bark will be fine. Most people don't realise how toxic washing up liquid and water is as a mix, unless its eco friendly - in some cases, worse than an insecticide.

15 May, 2011


I believe that by the time you see the white fluffy bits the scale insect has gone anyway.

15 May, 2011


No - scale insect creates the shield and, once attached, remains immobile for most of its life. Eggs are laid beneath the scale insect's body, and when the nymphs hatch, they come out and crawl around, then fasten on, form a scale and repeat the process. Except for cushion scale - they lay eggs in white, waxy fibres.

15 May, 2011


Thank you, scrubbed and was environmentally friendly Bamboo! Mentally though I haven't stopped itching yet.. There's something about being up in a tree full of insects, even ones that don't move... yuk!

16 May, 2011


These are pretty yucky too - I had to do the same thing last week on an Acer, which fortunately was only 4 feet tall, but not a pleasant task.

16 May, 2011

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