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correct growing conditions for Carpenteria

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I purchased three plants and bought new crock containers for them and the compost that the garden centre recommended. I was told that they dont like the morning sun, so I positioned them at the front of my property facing west so that they got the afternoon sun. They grew a little to start off with then stopped and the yellow one has died, parts of the other two have also died, I havent let them dry out but there must be something I am not doing right. Any ideas.

On plant Carpenteria californica



Perhaps they would revive if you planted them in the garden,maybe they don't take to pots?

26 Oct, 2008


The tree anemone likes full sun. And Wyeboy is right, they like plenty of room. They should ideally be planted in a sheltered, south facing location against a wall.

You don't say where you are but they are only about 90% hardy and certainly wouldn't be happy where I am.


26 Oct, 2008


My carpenteria is on a south facing wall but still took time to establish. I'd say put them in full sun in a sheltered position

26 Oct, 2008

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