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Are these buds on my baby rhododendron?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Hi can any1tell me if these are flower buds on my baby Rhododendron?It came from an Adult plant as a layered cutting i took last year?

On plant Rhododendron




They look more like new growth points to me, rather than flowerbuds. Rhodo flowers apear at the eand of the branches rather than in the axils like tho picture shows.

27 Feb, 2008


Whoops double clicked!

27 Feb, 2008


lol Thanx 4 that Owdboggy :) now i know its growing :)

27 Feb, 2008


hi Jac, yes i would agree with Owdboggy, i bought several rhodo's last year and not one of them flowered, but they did all nearly double in size from this sort of bud, but looks like there are lots of top buds this year !!!! cant wait!

28 Feb, 2008


Morning Ang
Im glad its going2grow idid this cutting myself last year from an adult plant where it had naturaly layered itself in the soil underneath :) how cool if it gets big i cant wait 2see :) How you 2day? x

28 Feb, 2008

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