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Can foxgloves be moved?

Newcastle, United Kingdom Gb

I have two self seeded ones,can they be moved.It is their second year so they are due to flower this year i think.I dont usually move established plants but these have grown in pots which are too small

On plant Digitalis parviflora (Foxglove)



If you can move them with as much root as possible, they should be fine (but no guarantees!). Do it asap before they start into strong growth

27 Feb, 2008


I've moved foxgloves when they were still quite small seedlings and they've survived - I think its a good idea to try and get as much soil around them and then they are ok - I had some self seed on the veg patch but they survived being moved - have a go you've got nothing to lose!

3 Mar, 2008


So I gather these are bi-annuals? I bought two last year, planted them by our front driveway gates, they produced good flowers and they've self seeded well. I have about 12 plants now growing where the seed dropped. I was looking forward to seeing all the flowers this year but it looks like I may have to wait. I might attempt to move a couple into the back garden I have anice spot I think they'll enjoy.

4 Mar, 2008


Thanks all for information on foxgloves I am going off line shortly but will try to move them and let you know the out come when i return.

10 Mar, 2008

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