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Can I grow jasmine?

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I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Can I grow Jasmine here? If not, is there another plant equally fragrant?

On plant Gardenia jasminoides



anything is possible

27 Oct, 2008


What USDA zone are you in Wattersk. Could look it up but it's easier just to ask you. LoL.


27 Oct, 2008


Zone 7.

27 Oct, 2008


There are various jasminoides, Wattersk. Gardenia jasminoides is one of the least hardy. I think I tried it once (I am in the UK equivalent of USDA zone 8b) but it never did any good and even with protection did not last the winter.

I think you would be wasting your time unless you can move it into a heated conservatory in winter. If it is jasmine (not gardenia jasminoides which is actually a gardenia) you want to grow then you would be better off with something like jasminum officanale which is widely available in both Europe and the States, has a great scent (just google it for info) and is certainly hardy to zone 7 and even maybe zone 6. You may be able to find other hardy jasmines but not I think gardenias.

If you need further then come back to us.


27 Oct, 2008


Thank you!

27 Oct, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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