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Unknown succulent

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know what this is? It has leaves that look like rubber fingers, and makes a tall stem with these bells hanging from the top.
I couldn't work out how to post 2 pics on one question, and couldn't find a pic of the whole plant!
Have changed the pic to one of it's leaves.




Without seeing the leaves as well it may be a bit difficult to identify but my guess is a kalanchoe

27 Oct, 2008


Looks like an Echevera, but as Andrew has said can't be sure without a pic of the leaves. are they round rossettes? i have several vareities on my garden page, but this is'nt one that i have, but it does bare a striking resemblance to a yellow flowered one i bought this year, have a look see what you think. if it is an echivera, it needs to be brought in soon as poss, they are not frost hardy.

28 Oct, 2008


Posted a plant pic instead. It is hardy enough to survive winter in my sheltered south facing courtyard's microclimate, (which has 2 house walls to reflect any heat) if I keep it dry.

29 Oct, 2008


The tall succulent could be a lampranthus, the upright type.

29 Oct, 2008


Thanks for info, folks. Off to have a Google now!

30 Oct, 2008

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