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Camellia buds have turned brown

essex, England Eng

i bought this Camellia from homebase a couple of weeks ago, it has been planted straight out. when i got it, it had'nt flowered, but had lots of green buds, i have notice in the last couple of days that the buds have turned a bit browny and none are even showing colour. we have had some quite heavy frost and i am wondering if this is frost damage? i know from the recent question that Andrea asked that the flowers do brown off after heavy frost but none of these have opened at all can anyone help? the plant still looks very healthy but would be a shame not to get any flowers in it's first year.

On plant Camellia




Looks OK to me - it's only the open flowers that get frost damaged. I'm sure you'll get some beauties soon. I have only had one flower open on mine so far, the other buds are just beginning to show red.

28 Feb, 2008


wow youv lots of flower buds on there Ang bet you cant wait4them 2 open ?Theyl look Beautiful

29 Feb, 2008


Hi, in my opinion the buds can get frost damage as well and the edges of the petals are tinged with brown whilst the rest of the flower is ok, as Andrew said the shrub is hardy, but the flowers aren't. The white one which I asked a question about had some more buds on it which after a frost went brown around the edges and the petals are tinged, hence no photos!!

2 Mar, 2008

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