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i am concerned that my rose bushes have no buds on yet ive got a miniture bush and a climbin rose i had a lovely display last year and was hopin for the same this year , does it mean i may not get any flowers and if so is there anything i can do encourage them to flower.



Did you prune them at the correct time, and feed them? I'd try giving them a feed now. Use a tomato food, or buy a special rose food.

17 May, 2011


Modern miniature roses will produce several sets of buds over the year, so there is still hope for that one. Some climbers will only bloom once a year, on buds that formed the previous fall, so there may be problems with that one. Make sure that they are both getting enough sun--most roses need at least 4 hours of direct sun a day to bloom well.

18 May, 2011

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