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I bought a poinsettia two weeks before Christmas and it still has red leaves growing though they are gradually disappearing but it is still very healthy and plenty of green what do I do with it now please I have taken it outside the other day although I dont know if I should have done would be grateful for advice



it sounds fineto me but i mite be wrong lol .

18 May, 2011


As long as it is above freezing, it should be fine. Keep it well watered and fed over the summer, and bring it in as the nights start to get chilly in the fall--still well before frost! Indoors, keep it in a relatively cool room, and around mid September, start making sure that it gets 14 hours of complete, unbroken darkness every night--a closet or box can be helpful in this. That will start the formation of the flower buds and red leaves, after a couple of months.

18 May, 2011

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