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Short Stem Lilies


By Leena

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Thank you for the reply. I received these lily bulbs from free with the order. It said that is was a mixture of different short stemmed lilies. It didn't give me any names, but there was a picture similar to the one I have posted (it is from the same supplier but a new catalogue). My lilies grew twice as tall and the top half of the lily looks strange - the leaves are growing in two neat rows like in a stack, instead of spreading all the way round the stem. I will see if I can take a photograph of them tonight (if it is not too dark). I don’t know if that helps. Thank you.




Hi Leena. You threw me a bit with this question because I had never heard of a lily called 'the short stem lily'. So I googled it. And I've still never heard of a lily called 'the short stem lily'. There are various 'lilies' described as 'short stemmed' but it is not possible to determine which one you have. I have put 'lilies' in inverted commas because, of course most plants with the name 'lily' aren't lilies at all. i.e. Giant himalayan lily, pyrenean lily, day lily etc. I think I have at least a dozen myself, but then I am greedy. LoL.

Can you post a photo or give details of the genus, especially if they have grown taller than you expected. Any further details you can give would certainly help somebody identify them.


28 Oct, 2008


Leena. These are Liliums or true lilies from that picture. Have you given them a nice south facing position so they don't become drawn? They should be dying down now anyway for the winter but next year if you plant them either in beds or large pots with plenty of sun, and feed them regularly on Growmore or tomato food you shouldn't have any problems then.


28 Oct, 2008

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