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Greenhouse shading - I want to get some greenhouse shading sorted out before my plants starts to suffer!
I'd like opinions please on whether I should get the mesh fabric or the paint-on stuff? What do others use successfully?
Should both sides of the greenhouse be done - one side gets the early morning sun (before the greenhouse warms up) but I was initially thinking about doing only the other, south side, that gets the hot afternoon/evening sun........



I've only ever used the cool glass white stuff and painted it on but the green blind meshy stuff looks good and you can roll it up or down according to the sunshine. I paint the greenhouse on 3 sides - south, east and west and the roof. I don't bother with the north side. Use a soft broom and it washes off quite easily when the sun isn't so hot after the summer.

19 May, 2011


I also use cool glass, but only on the side that gets the most sun. I'ts so easy and when not needed just wipe off with a dry cloth.

19 May, 2011

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