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I never seem to have any luck taking cuttings from Clematis............Any Goyers out there got any good tips please.



cuttings are not the best option really. try layering. bend a shoot down into a pot of compost. nick the 'skin ' of the shoot between a pair of leaves on the shoot. peg the shoot into the compost, [i've used hair pins in the past] and keep it well watered. wrap with moss to help it stay moist. in a month or so you should find it has rooted.

it has worked for me on a couple of occasions.

20 May, 2011


Clematis are not easy, for a start the cuttings are not the same as other plants, they are internodal. You cut about an inch below a leaf and about an inch above it. Press the cutting into the medium so that the leaf joint is just resting on it. You also really need bottom heat to be successful, but I have done it without. The take rate is about 10% without heat.

20 May, 2011


Thanks Seaburngirl and owdboggy for your useful advice , I have taken note of them and will give them a try.....thankyou both. :o)

22 May, 2011

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