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By Annella

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have found some oval white/cream eggs about 6" down in one of my large pots, they are about 1 cm long. Are these vine weevils eggs? No insects were found.



I read somewhere that vine weevil eggs are tiny & almost invisible to the naked eye. They could be slug or snail eggs. Did you squish them?

20 May, 2011


Yes Beattie and thanks. I have some large lime green insects that I think are called Katydids that appear ealy in July, I wondered if it could be them. You never see a small one, they are just big and scary!

20 May, 2011


I had to google katydid - it's what I'd call a bush cricket. Katydid is the american name for them. They're really cool - we used to have them patrolling the bathroom ceiling when we lived in an old cottage with wisteria on it. :-)

20 May, 2011


how about ant pupa[cocoons]. I have them in the compost heap and they fit this description. Last year I had a nest in a large terracotta pot.

20 May, 2011


I've just seen that they were about 1cm long - not snail / slug eggs then! And too big for ants eggs too.
I suppose they could have been grasshopper or cricket eggs.

20 May, 2011

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