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I've gingerly pruned my rhodedendron and have a small magnolia (1st year) skimmia (1st year) and daphne (3rd year) all of which I'm told have to be pruned for more flowers next year. How much to take off as I tend to get carried away. All are in pots by the way. The magnolia is quite leggy and the daphne which is my greater worry has got two stems and each one has gone leggy and resembles an umbrella upside down on each stem. Can you help me please.



I think that is strange advice. I certainly wouldn't prune the skimmia - they are quite slow growing and well behaved and mine still flower profusely after more than 10 years without any pruning at all. There are lots of different daphnes, so without knowing which one you have its hard to advise. If its the early flowering mezerium you don't need to prune it at all. Also we need to know which magnolia you have - soulangia and stellata are very different but wold have thought that as young as that any pruning you did would be for shape rather than flowers. Is the magnolia leggy or is it just aware that it is going to be a full sized tree and is getting started?Photos and full names would help us to give you the best advice.

22 May, 2011

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