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has anyone found any interesting Fungi in there garden.

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have noticed lots of different Fungi over the two years i have lived here. This I believe is called Earth Star, and I found it today near my tree ferns. Has anyone else got some interesting fungi growing?

On plant Geastrum triplex




You are lucky, I have only ever seen one all my years.. I have shown a picture of Puffballs, which are now dirty brown but still puff out a cloud of spores. and a very unpleasant one that infests my path called Peziza. 2 years ago I was astonished to see a large number of giant sized real Mushrooms, they came and went and not been seen again,, I hope your Eath Star returns next year.

2 Nov, 2008


At the top of our road, under some large Scots pineish kind of trees, there are several different kinds of shroom currently. Frustrated not to be able to identify them, as someone has borrowed my excellent shroom guide (DK) which has good photos.
Maybe I'll just try and photograph them myself.

2 Nov, 2008


I love the name of this one "Earth Star".

3 Nov, 2008

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