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I have had a passion flower for four years climbing happily along my fence. However this year after the it flower and produced fruit it began to drop its leaves. I went out today to tidy the garden and it has hardly any leaves left. This is not normal, it is normally green all year round. Is It dead? Should I prune it? or should I give it a chance and wait until spring? I love this plant and would hate to loose it. Novice Gardener



Ours are still flowering and covered in fruit.
Yours may have been caught by the frost. Leave it till the spring.

2 Nov, 2008


In the spring we thought we had lost our passion flower which was outdoors in a pot. It had lost all its leaves and looked really sad. However, a few weeks later we were surprised to find it was starting into leaf and we've had one of the best years for flowers and fruit.

2 Nov, 2008


We're just coming out of an unusually hard cold snap for this time of year and I suspect you are to. You should think of your passion flower as 'semi evergreen' only losing its foliage as a means of self preservation during cooler times. It will almost certainly return, perhaps a little later than usual. It's too early to despair!

3 Nov, 2008

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