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hi all , with my ongoing war against the horsetail weeds ,i have purchased a flame gun (gardenline gas gun £12.99) i wonder have any of you had success useing these ? cheers



None what-so-ever, sorry Tanjipete. We bought to use on the weeds on the gravelled parking area the weeds simply grew back. Think it is still hanging up in the potting shed somewhere.

25 May, 2011


yes they are a pain , have dug out most of my beds laid ground cover membrane & refilled with soil ,still they appear .i have used clinic ace poisen & it has worked a bit now i put a plastic glove on & poisen each one individually arghhh , the battle goes on ha ha

25 May, 2011


It is all you can do really, try putting an old cotton glove over the latex one, it will hold the roundup or whatever better.

25 May, 2011


Totally sympathize with you and your difficult weed in same place - different weed!
...think Moongrower is absolutely right about the glove...

Stay will win!

25 May, 2011


thanks everyone .let battle commence lol

25 May, 2011


Good luck!

25 May, 2011


You can use horsetail to make fertiliser feed. steeped in water for a couple of weeks, it makes a good source of nitrogen for brassicas, lettuce etc and can also be used on the lawn in springtime. Cutting it constantly weakens the plants also.

26 May, 2011

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