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Strelitzia cracked and crinkly leaves


By Daveg

United Kingdom Gb

All the new leaves on my 5 year old strelitzia since spring have been badly crinkled, cracked and rather dry. It has been out for the summer and is now indoors for the winter. It was last repotted about 2 years ago.

On plant Strelitzia reginae




Any stripes, possibly dark brown or black on the leaves Dave? If not then when are you feeding it and what are you using?


4 Nov, 2008


Not sure about this.
Mine do the same & particularly those that have not been out for the summer.
I feed mine on tomrite & they seem to flower OK with this.
Perhaps someone can put us wise on this one.
Mine also have a tendency to double leaf

4 Nov, 2008


As this is developing into a mass problem I will tell you my initial thoughts. I usually like to wait until am nearly sure.

Manganese deficiency is the obvious one. You need manganese sulphate or at least a fertiliser that is high in manganese. A good garden centre will advise on which one.


4 Nov, 2008


~haven't fed mine in a while as I thought this was necessary in the summer.
~My strelitzia is in the greenhouse and I have a heater to keep the temperature to ten degrees.
~I also have yellow bits on the edge leaves but also concerned that I may not be watering enough.
~So do I increase the water and feed?
~Currently got a couple of new leaves.
~Can you buy manganese sulphate as is?

4 Nov, 2008


Yes. Sorry, as a retired doctor I tend to assume that everyone knows what common chemicals are. Get it at your chemists as Epsom salts. Don't overdo it. A very weak solution.

I could still be wrong but it won't hurt.


4 Nov, 2008


~ Ah! light bulb flashing!
`~Thanks John!

4 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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