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Chili pepper : Demon Red


By Nariz

Spain Es

Out of eight seeds from a T&M packet (well in date) only one germinated and gave me a lovely bushy plant 6" high. I kept it in a plastic greenhouse for most of the time but stood it out when the sun shone. I now have loads of chilis, some beginning to turn red, but they are only 1" long and about the thickness of a matchstick. Is this correct or have I done something silly along the way?



you know what they say about chillis............the smaller the hotter!!!!
sounds like 'demon red' will be an accurate description, so hold on to your hat!

5 Nov, 2008


After looking at a UK site that sells this variety, the plants will be small and compact with upright fruits of 5-6 cm long and .5 cm in diameter. It also says that on a 1-10 scale of hotness it ranks 9-10. Sounds like you did just right and will have some HOT peppers.

5 Nov, 2008


Thanks Wohlibuli and Steve, I feel better now. Curry tonight!

5 Nov, 2008


YUM curry!

6 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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