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Wouldn't it be nice if some kind person would do a weekly calender of things to do in the garden. Then people like me could/would keep up to date with the vegetable sowing, others jobs and harvesting. Anyone fancy doing it????????? Maybe a bullet point list.



But who would the calendar be for, Great? You in London, someone in Devon, Wales, Newcastle, Scotland, USA, India ....; we all have different dates depending on our climates and current weather conditions.

28 May, 2011


Bulbaholic makes exactly the point I was going to make - and even if you had a, say, southern specific calender, weekly would be impossible - weather conditions at the time make a difference too. There are, though, plenty of books around that have a calendar format, usually month by month rather than week by week.

28 May, 2011


There are also lots of websites, including the RHS, which give information on what you should be doing in any given month. Vegetables, in particular, depend on what the actual weather is up to. No use posting that you should be thinning the carrots if it is flat calm and sunny! That needs to be done on a windy day so that, hopefully, the carrot root fly don't sniff them out.

28 May, 2011


yeah guys I get the point. I just always seem to be behind. Right now, here in London my peas are 2inches high; french beans are at the 2 true leaf stage ad not much else is happening. I'm getting worried that I may go short of veggies this year. April was hot, hot, hot and no rain. May is windy and only a very little bit of rain. Even the water butt is empty and has been for some time. I know you've had it bad in Scotland to. But without space for a green house theres not much I can do.

29 May, 2011


Everything on my balcony has stopped growing - its healthy, but just sitting there doing very little, largely because of the low temperatures we're having I'd guess, because it all gets watered regularly. It's a shame we're having April's weather in May and probably part of June, not very helpful is it.

29 May, 2011


Ah Bamboo thank you, its nice to know I'm not the only one. I thought I was doing something wrong. I do wish others around here grew veg and I could see how there gardens are growing. Thank god for all of your help and everyone else on here.

30 May, 2011

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