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Honey Fungus???

essex, England Eng

I have noticed this browny orange coloured fungus growing all along one of my flower beds. I first saw it around the base of the old apple tree stump earlier this year. i just pulled it out and ignored it. i have now noticed that it has spread in a straight line all along this bed. most of what is growing here seems to be doing just fine, i have Roses (obviously) different types of perennial, caryopteris, all seem to be uneffected, although i have not taken off any bark to see if there is any white fans underneath. but the Photinia does have some leaf spots, not all over but on some of the lower branches, but apart for this looks healthy. firstly is this Honey fungus that i have, if so how do i treat it?




Honey Fungus grows on shrubs or trees that are dead - or soon will be!!! The distinctive features to look for are a fan-shaped group of fungi at the base of a tree, then the 'bootlaces' which spread out just under the soil along the roots of the afflicted tree/shrub. Then, you will have to scrape off a bit of bark from the apple tree stump and see if it looks white, and has a mushroomy smell.

I don't think it looks like Honey Fungus - google for photos - I think it may be 'just the damp weather' again, Angie!

I hope it's good news.

6 Nov, 2008


No, this isn't Honey Fungus, Ang. Don't panic! ;-D

6 Nov, 2008


Thanks ladies, must say i was getting a bit concerned. i know that lots of types of fungus are good for the garden, but yes i think your right Spritz the damp weather has meant there is far more this year.

7 Nov, 2008


I wish I'd taken photos of all the different ones we've had this year. I was too quickly removing them in case Henry decided to have a nibble.

7 Nov, 2008


I have taken some pictures of honey fungus - will post them shortly...

7 Nov, 2008

How do I say thanks?

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