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How do I make the most of a very small space?

I have a raised bed 2 metres by 1 metre. Next year (wished I'd thought about it this year but again I'm too late!) I want to grow french beans/ peas/ courgettes/ peppers and tomatoes. On G world Monty was saying to plant courgettes in the middle of wigwams of peas. What is the best formation of planting to grow the most from the bed system? I thought about having rows of peas and beans along the long edge of the bed and planting the rest in the middle. Or maybe peas/beans in circles and others in the middle of them. How do I grow as much as possible in the space I have, where the plants will be happy?. On G world his garden is massive. I have a small town garden



Good for you Great. You don't need huge gardens to grow veg. I've got a 1ft by 4ft trough which has had all sorts of veg growing in it - Runner beans - French beans - pack choi - not all at the same time - and at the moment it has two courgettes in it (the only place I have room). I would personally grow beans and taller veg at the back so they don't take up all the sunlight and yes you can put peas in front of them (I did this in my allotment last year and they were very close together). Just grow a few veg/salad crops in rows and see how it goes. What isn't right this year can be changed for next year. Good luck!

29 May, 2011


hi i dont think its too late to plant up ,lots of garden centres have well developed veg plants try tumbling toms on the edge & lettuce you can buy french beans etc but they may get too big ,take a chance & experiment , cheers pete

29 May, 2011


Thanks guys!
I have just come off the gardeners world website where I was looking up courgettes as mine are not growing well. I was looking to find out what I was doing wrong. GW has left me confused. Not hard- haven't had my breakfast yet! haha
One part of the instructions for growing, says put the seed in vertically and another bit I was reading says sow the seed on it's side!!! What should I do?

30 May, 2011


Not sure to which seeds you are referring. Peas and beans just get shoved in, as with most seeds but corms and bulbs need to be the "right way up".

30 May, 2011


It was courgettes I was asking about Cammomil

9 Jun, 2011

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