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alpine compost mix:
what would you recommend?

I have this terracotta planter it looks like a cactus with 6 'cups' like a strawberry planter, that i intend to grow alpines in. there is a photo on my photos pg 7
I have alpine grit, perlite, vermiculite and a general purpose compost.
what would you advise as a suitable mix.
the plants I have are a saxifrage [an encrusted one but no idea what it is] sedum, sempervivum [the house leek types] an alpine penstemon P. pinifolius, Hypsela reniformis and Erinus alpinus.

Thanks in anticipation :o)



When I grow in pots I use a general mix of one part each of loam, humus and grit. With your available materials I would possibly use 2 parts compost to one part each of the other items although I only use grit myself.
Erinus alpinus is a short lived plant but seeds itself readily. We have large swathes of it in the garden which will need some serious weeding once it has finished flowering - but I wouldn't want to be without it.

29 May, 2011


thanks BA. Do you think the Erinus will be suitable then, its a multi strawberry style planter? I suppose each planting bit is similar to a 5" shallow pot.

29 May, 2011


Yes, the Erinus will be suitable. Is the planter on a paved surface with gaps between the pavers? If so, the Erinus will drop seeds into these cracks and will look good when they flower. You might have to replace the original plant in a couple of years time, but whats new>

29 May, 2011


well its on cracked concrete and the campanula seeds into it. Thanks for the advice.

Have you grown the penstemon?

29 May, 2011


No, but have just googled it and it looks nice.

29 May, 2011

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