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By Mickbmw

nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

nows the time when the hard work starts,cutting back and sorting out the garden.Im still waiting for my roses to finish blooming before i start,i understand you can cut roses back quite severe as thay will grow next year.when i get chance i will take some photos of my winter visitors ,robins bluetits etc



Hi Mick, to be honest i am quite new to growing Roses, i know that they can be cut back this time of year, particually if you are moving the plant, but for a general prune is it not best to wait until eary spring? mine are also in flower still, which is lovely, but i had though i would wait until early spring for pruning, or would it be best to do it once flowering finishes? thanks Angie.

7 Nov, 2008


Hi Angie,
Hope you don't mind me butting in.
Cut back Florabunda now to stop rocking by the wind.
Prune hybrid T in March to flower in June.
Autumn pruning promotes new growth which is damaged by frost.

8 Nov, 2008


Thanks Doctorb, that is what i thought. i know that it is best to remove any damaged bits, reduce any really long and leggy bits, that could be vunrable to windy weather now, but acording to what i have read, the best time is spring for a proper prune when active growth starts again.

8 Nov, 2008

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