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medium sized conifers for the garden

South Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Just wondering if anyone can recommend some medium sized conifers for the garden.. I'm looking to add some winter interest and structure to my garden but all the ones I see in garden centers are either very slow growing for rockeries or grow massive ie 70ft..



There are many, Thuja occ. 'Smaragd' is an old reliable, Chamaecyparis law. 'Ellwood's Gold' reaches about 4m. Ch. law. 'Minima Aurea' will reach 3m. but take 20 years. There are lots more. It is just that medium height (at 10 years) means slow growth.

31 May, 2011


Maybe 'Blue Point' and 'Robusta Green' Chinese Junipers. Or 'Aurea Nana' or 'Minima Glauca' Arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis).

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks for the answers.. I will keep a look out for those varieties.. Does that mean the slow growers suitable for a rockery would be suitable too ? I just would need to be patient?

1 Jun, 2011


You might like to look at Bluespruce's Photos as he grows lots of different conifers in his beautiful conifer garden and also lots on Goypeadia conifers page.

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks Drc726 I will go and have a look there.. Thing is I don't want a tiny conifer that would get hidden to start with. I'd like something that grows relatively quickly but does'nt grow huge.. Maybe thats not possible?

2 Jun, 2011


Fast growing firs dont stop growing when they reach the height you prefer. One option is to buy a very slow grower at almost the height you would like - but that comes expensive!
Have a look at the photos and if there is anything you think is right for you and send a message to Bluespruce to see if he agrees etc.
Have you considered evergreen shrubs? you can at least prune them when they get too big.

2 Jun, 2011


Thanks Drc726
I've been coming to the same conclusion, I already have put more evergreens in to try and fill and I've had a look in my RHS plant book and come up with some possibilities. I suppose I have enough room for reasonably large trees in the end.. So could go with some quick growers but will most probably go for tall thin columnar conifers..

3 Jun, 2011



3 Jun, 2011

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