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Well i'm back and a big hello to all my favourite and new gardeners.
I know I shouldn't of done it (to big for where it was)and kinda regret doing it now but I moved my Double red (Alcea Rose) Hollyhock to a new position in the garden 2-3 days ago. Since re-planting it the leaves have really drooped on it. We had a rain shower the other night and when I woke in the morning it had perked right up and all leaves had recovered. Came home at lunchtime on the same day and it had drooped again. Been like it since and have given it a dose of tomato plant feed, miracle-gro and plenty of water but still the same. Don't think it's died yet!

Any idea's on how I can save it as got lots of lovely new buds on it??





Well, I won't waste time telling you what you already know - silly to move it now - but the only thing you can do is water, water, water, night and morning, a canful each time.

1 Jun, 2011


I know, I know, but it had come back bigger than I thought it was going to be and ended up overtaking the area it was in.
Should I keep adding tomato plant feed to it everyday or not?
Thanks for the reply and hope your well

1 Jun, 2011


Its had enough feed and like Bamboo said water water water.

1 Jun, 2011


Forget the feed, as Drc says - it's having enough trouble getting enough water without its fine water seeking roots...

1 Jun, 2011


Okey dokey. Have just gave it another massive drink of water and will keep doing this for the next week or so. Hopefully it'll perk back up.
Thanks for your comments

1 Jun, 2011

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