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How do I get rid of lily eating bugs?

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My lilies were healthy for the first year but this year were covered in red shiny bugs that completely stripped them. How do I get rid of them?



These lily beetles are a real pest spreading Safest way is to check the lilies every day and squish the bugs.

10 Nov, 2008


Now I grow the Lilies in pots and keep them in a poly tunnel till near their flowering time and even then one or two Beetles found them. The grubs are one of the nastiest looking pests I have ever seen., so it is best to kill the Beetles.

10 Nov, 2008


Yes, kill the beetles, but watch out for the larva - they're the ones that do the damage. Plus they are the most disgusting things as they cover themselves in their own excrement as a deterrent to birds. The only way I could handle getting rid of them was to search each leaf every day and wipe the plants clean with tissues. Yuk! I stopped having lilies in the end - better things to do in the garden than deal with such nastiness!

11 Nov, 2008


Nclaire5, I have the same problem with lily beetles, and it is a case of squashing them when you can, but Provado Bug Clear is very effective on them. And you must make sure that you clear away any larve, which actually looks like dollops of bird poo otherwise they will keep coming back. Lillies are so beautiful its worth the effort lol Maureen

11 Nov, 2008


I also had an infestation of red lily beetles this year, my lilies are in pots and I have changed the compost, on the advice of Poannua, in the hope that the larvae will not re-appear next year, good luck!! Janet.

11 Nov, 2008


fear not all of you! there is a chemical on the market that gets rid of the little beasts without mess or the horribleness of squashing them! if ofcourse you don't mind chemicals. it is really easy to use only needs to be applied 3 times through the summer and also gets rid of a whole host of other things, including aphids, white fly, catapillars, rhododendron mite, red spider mite, mealy bug and a whole host of other little nasties. but you do have to be careful when using it, as you don't want it on your hands or getting into ponds, i have been useing this for the last two years if a problem arises and it has completely cured the problem! thing is i can't remeber the name of it off the top of my head and as it is tucked safely away in my shed - which is pitch black out there at mo, i will have to come back to you on the name! lol maybe someone else has used it, i got mine from B & Q so easy to find and it is in a little blue bottle with a cap on for measuring, white gloopy liquid that smells like glue. although it does'nt list lily beetle on the back it does sort them out just the same! anyone know what i am talking about? if not will come back to you tomorrow!

11 Nov, 2008


my lilys are infested with these black looking slugs when you remove the black cuk there is a funny looking worm with a head on it they eat all the leaveson the plant, please help me find a cure for this.
thank you , anitam

3 Jul, 2009


how do i get rid of the red bugs on my lily

14 Jul, 2009


I find the only way to control lily beetles is to keep a constant lookout and squash them every time you see one. I spend a few minutes every day inspecting the plants and use a small brush (a paintbrush is ideal) to dislodge the grubs into a jam jar and pour boiling water on them. The red beetles just get removed from the plant and crushed under foot. Brutal, but effective!

30 Sep, 2009


I just discovered that my lilies have the dreaded red lily beetle this year. Looks like I've a fight on my hands as I don't want to resort to using chemicals :(

18 Apr, 2011


Just check each day especially if leaf damage.
Pick them off and squash them.
Be careful as you get them off as you can knock them off very easily and they are hard to find on the ground.
Try using tweezers and squash them in situ.
I have been successful in the past with a chemical but have forgotten the name!
I am going to try Provado Clear which I have been told works.

9 May, 2013


Over the past week, I kept a small plastic cup with about 2 inches of bleach in it on an outdoor table near my lilies. Every day I inspected the plants, and knocked what I could into the cup. Have killed about 40 bugs to date.

4 Jul, 2013


Just planted lilies for the first time they are covered in ugly black things. What can I do to stop them from being ruined. These are my favourite flowers

8 Jul, 2013


I guess I may have found something helpful against these unwelcome bugs and baby warms by accident.

I did plant my lilies on both sides of my garden (one side facing direct sunlight and the other partially shadow), what I found today is that all the lilies planted facing the Sun are completely clean of bugs and warms, none whatsoever... not so lucky with those I planted on the partial shadow area, they are completely infested, I had to remove almost 90% of the leaves and warms by hand in order to (hopefully) have a chance to see my lilie's flowering... hoping for the best.

So I presume that those bugs intentionally did avoid direct Sunlight faced plants,... I came to the conclusion that heat is their worst natural enemy... (at least Calgary's sunlight)

4 Jul, 2015

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