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Acacia leaves yellowing


By Reet

Canada Ca

My acacia baileyanas are about 2-3" tall, in sunshine mix (peat & perlite) and a bit of sea soil (compost-ish). I remember growing the plant about 5 years ago and having similar problems: the leaves are starting to turn yellow. I am also growing Anadenanthera colubrina which, to me, grows similarly to acacia and has similar growth, and its leaves are also turning yellow and beginning to fall off. I want to nip the problem in the bud before this happens to my acacias too. They are all under a 600W metal hallide bulb . . . thanks!!!!!

On plant Acacia baileyana



I have just noticed that you have not had any respons to your question asked on Nov 11th. I have no knowlage of Acacias in particular, but yellowing of the leaves in most shrubs is usually an iron deficiency which is yellowing between the veins or Chlorosis which is very common in acid loving plants such as azalias, Camelias and acacia which you can improve by addind a sequestered compound. The Acacia should be watered freely and fed with a general fertiliser every month through the growing season, perhaps this is your problem. Hope this helps.

1 Dec, 2008

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