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have a 14 foot cordyline australis palm tree ....severe winter had we thought killed it as its leaves and flower pods have all browned and fallen off and we are left with the trunk and empty branches sticking out in the air ...however we have noticed some green shoots at the very base of the tree sprouting out all around not sure why or what to do excited it maybe coming back ...any advice please



You're right, it's coming back. You can cut off the dead trunk just above the new shoots. Cut at an angle so it sheds rain & doesn't rot. You'll have a multi-stemmed plant - which is good & looks fine - unless you select which shoots you want to keep and cut off the rest.
Good news! :-)

3 Jun, 2011


Similar has happened to me with a Torbay Red one. It looked completely gone after this winter and the only reason I kept it in the ground was that I read here that they can regenerate from the base. I cut the trunk off to a couple of inches above the ground, where it wasn't mushy. Now it's got 7 leaf shoots. Fingers crossed for a slightly milder winter to give them a chance!

3 Jun, 2011


Many thanks for taking time to reply to my question
just plucking up the courage to cutting it down that severly!

4 Jun, 2011

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