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hi ,planted forget me nots in my borders they have just flowered and now have died do i just leave them or do i cut them back ,and will they grow back next year.



if you want more next year wait a week or so then pull the old plants out. they will have self seeded every where. the challenge is to only keep a few :o)

I havent planted any for the last 10 yrs but I have them every year with out fail.

4 Jun, 2011


I'd pull 'em out now, there will already be thousands of seeds in the ground from the flowers - they should start popping up, if the ground's not bone dry, within a couple of weeks - when they do, wait for them to get bigger and then thin them out, and move them around if they're in the wrong places in autumn - they're not called Forget Me Not for nothing - as Seaburngirl says, you don't usually need to plant them again, ever!

4 Jun, 2011


I do think you can remove them to early though? I have removed them straight after flowering finishes for some years and this year I only had one plant.

4 Jun, 2011


I don't know, Drc - I started pulling mine out some weeks ago, easily by 2nd week of May - took the last few out probably a fortnight ago - but all by that time had long stems with seed pods and only a couple of flowers left at the top - I've already noted loads germinating currently, at the two leaf stage, been hoeing them out.

4 Jun, 2011


I Left this one this year as usually I have got rid of well before May.

4 Jun, 2011


thankyou everyone for your answeres any tips on nemesia would be very gratefull ,,thanks from a gardening novice!

4 Jun, 2011

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