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I am very new to all lupins are germenating shall I pot them on in individual cell pots when they are big enough.Also I have just sown canterburry bells ...the instructions say not to cover the seeds and to place on a propigator lid.How do I water them without washing away the seeds?Thankyou.



pot the lupins on when there are 2-4 true leaves.[they look like many leaflets. the seed leaf is paddle shaped.] They produce a deep root so a deeper pot is better than a shallow one. dont put them in too big a pot though. I've made that mistake before.

i you put the other pot of seeds into a tray of water the compost will draw up the water. I use the trays I get sausages in. does that make sense?

4 Jun, 2011


Hahaa ..yes it does...brill..thankyou :)

4 Jun, 2011


Another time, if you water the compost well before you sow the seeds and then just sprinkle a little drier compost over them, depending on the size of the seed, you can then put the whole tray in a plastic bag with the end left open for a little air circulation. You shouldn't need to water it then until the seedlings are well up, but if it does dry out then Seaburngirl has the naswer.

4 Jun, 2011

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