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By Lozduck

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I lost all the leaves on my cordyline over winter but am getting some new growth near the base. I have seen some comments saying to cut of the stem just above the growth - do I need to seal or put anything on it after cutting to prevent further damage/infection? Sorry if this is a stupid question I don't have a clue about gardening. Many thanks!

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No, you don't need to seal the cut, but try to make it as cleanly as possible, without lots of jaggedy, split bits.

4 Jun, 2011


It also helps to make a slight slope to the cut, so rainwater drains off. I have also seen a form of grafting wax used to seal the cut end, but that is a nuisance to heat, mix, and apply.

5 Jun, 2011


There's been a lot of debate about whether to seal them or not over here in higher horticultural circles - there are still mixed opinions, but the consensus is, don't seal, makes no difference.

5 Jun, 2011

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