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By Cherryz

Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ive moved into a new house with a gorgeous garden. Can someone help identify these plants. Thanks

Img_20110604_190545 Img_20110604_190600 Img_20110604_190622



Is the first one an anemone of some kind? And the third one looks like honeysuckle type leaves maybe. Is it a climber?

4 Jun, 2011


I think the 3rd is hypericum, or St John's Wort. Glad this pic has jogged my memory cos my new nextdoor neighbour asked what hers was, and at the time I had a mental blank.
Happy Gardening, and hope you enjoy this site too.

4 Jun, 2011


The second is a Ligularia, the third is indeed an Hypericum.

4 Jun, 2011


This is fantastic, loving this site. I'm so pleased with your replies, finally some answers. Thank you for your replies, this is all new to me. My new garden is wonderful and I want to keep it looking as fantastic as the previous owner. Still not sure about the 1st plant, but perhaps once it flowers I will be better at identifying it.

4 Jun, 2011


1st plant is a Japanese anemone, the flowers could be pink or white. Opinions are divided on this one. I love it and find it very useful in difficult sites. Owdboggy, I think it is, regrets that it was ever planted in his garden as it spreads. I have the same reaction to the Hypericum. Isn't it a good job we don't all like the same things?

4 Jun, 2011


Hello and welcome Cherryz how wonderful a new esablished garden to give you endless pleaure.

I can see a hosta leaf to beside your hypericum.

The one below hypericom a name like choira.Wrong spelling.

Look forward to rest of photos.

5 Jun, 2011


The goldy coloured leafed plant that Scotkat's referring to is Choisya - and I always have trouble spelling it too - I usually get the "y" and the "i" in the wrong places (just checked it...).

I'm not sure that that plant behind it is Hypericum - it looks kind of weedy to me..... possibly one of the small willowherbs. You could leave it and see if it flowers. Yellow flowers = hypericum, pink flowers = willowherb.

If you like it, keep it, if not, pull it out. Seemples!!

5 Jun, 2011


I wondered if the third one might be a lonicera at first, but when people said hypericum I thought it was that. The first one is a tricky one, but my initial thought was a Japanese Anemone....time will tell, if it flowers! Definitely Ligularia in the second one. Welcome to GOY!

11 Jun, 2011


Just wanted to add I got some flowers on 3rd picture. They are yellow, so that confirms its Hypericum.

Awaiting flowers to bloom on the other 2, will post pics when they do.

Thanks for your answers and feedback.


12 Jun, 2011


the choisya might be "choisya ternata sundance" - anyway you can have an enjoyable search through some pics. It's quite a popular one.

12 Jun, 2011


Some nice Shrubs you've inherited there...not often we inherit nice Gardens when we move, ours was a blank canvas One Tree...and soil...but sometimes that can be good too....

17 Aug, 2011

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