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How do I use weed killer spray without killing the other plants?

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Is there a way to ensure I don't kill the plants that I want to keep when spraying weed killer? The plants I want to keep are very close to the weeds - is there something I can use to protect the plants I want to keep from the weedkiller spray?



Use Weedol on flower beds, kill the weeds not the plants. Make sure you spray on a day with NO wind.
Other than that dig out the weeds.

15 Nov, 2008


You could cover the plants you want to save with plastic sheeting, making sure nothing is exposed, before using the weedkiller

15 Nov, 2008


If the weeds you want to spray are small enough cut the top and bottom off a lemonade bottle, place over the weed and spray inside the bottle

15 Nov, 2008


Fix a light weight board to a broom handle and use it to shield the plants as you move along.

15 Nov, 2008

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