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Can anybody tell me how to rid my garden of horsetails

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Thank You for the replies to my problems with maretails. Can anybody tell me how to get rid of them now i have comfirmed thats what they are. they are not growing in one mass block as i keep pulling them up but if left unattended im sure they would. Even one poking up is driving my wife mad



Do you have a photo? as I think (hope) you may mean the smaller Marestail? If its on its own you can use weed killer. But I have had Marestail for 13 years in my garden and I find it comes up in the middle of the densest plants and the only way is to pull it out and it does get weaker and less each year.

6 Jun, 2011


thanks to Drc 726. Checked with some people at work and they comfirmed they are maretails

15 Jun, 2011

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